NCU-1R termostat

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NCU-1R is a radio control unit with local control option for panel heaters, compatible with Nobø Eco Hub – and our app Nobø Energy Control. Fits all Nobø heaters of the type NT.. and NF..


  • Set comfort temperature with slider
  • Eco and status is set in Nobø Energy Control app
  • Has radio unit
  • Compatible with all Nobø panel heaters and Hub

Set your desired comfort temperature with a slider. You can control and define eco temperature in the Nobø Energy Control app. The Nobø Energy Control app is the easiest way to set weekly heating programs. 

The NCU -1R is recommended for offices- and other buildings where users should easily be able to adjust comfort temperature, but where the eco-mode and system status setting is determined by the Nobø Energy Control app. 


NCU-1R meets the requirements of the Ecodesign directive when used together with a system controlled by Nobø Hub and the app Nobø Energy Control.