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Dimplex DHW 250P hot water heat pump

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Domestic hot water heat pump.
Efficiency and comfort combined.

Basements are often subject to unwanted passive heating, whether from a heating boiler or from electrical appliances that emit lots of heat.

The domestic hot water heat pump uses this energy from the air and waste heat for domestic hot water preparation.

This means as much as 70 percent of the required energy is free to use.

That's easily enough for a detached or semi-detached home. As a positive side-effect, the basement is automatically dehumidified, so reducing mould.

If that's still not enough, it's possible to connect to an air distribution system, making the domestic water heat pump even more efficient. This is because more rooms are then used to turn the exhaust air into hot water. Up to 560 litres of hot water can be transported at once – the ultimate in comfort. And for even more energy efficiency, a photovoltaic (PV) plant can also be connected to the system.

Material: Enamelled steel, 3 yrs warranty
Insulation: PU foam
Volume: 250 l
COP: 3.2
Noise level in 1 m distance: 37 dB
Dimensions: 630 x 1720 mm
Weight: 82 net kg
Water temperature: 60 / 70 C
Operating temperature: 5 - 35 C