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M Flex heat pumps

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An efficient heating system.
Made for your home.

M Flex is a heat pump heating system consisting of a compact outdoor unit and a space-saving indoor unit.

With a heat output of 6–9 kW, M Flex is the ideal solution for detached and semi-detached homes or even for flats. Blocks of flats or commercial properties can be supplied with a pleasant amount of heat with a heat output of 9–16 kW.


There’s nothing quieter. Max. 35dB(A).

The outdoor unit has been specially optimised for installation close to walls. The special owl wing fan ensures a naturally quiet air sound.

The compressor has been deliberately shifted into the indoor unit. This keeps noise emissions to a minimum, even at full heat output.

Attractive design. Compact format.

When the M Flex was designed, particular importance was attached to using high-quality materials and excellent finishing. With its clearly accentuated surfaces and discreet colours, it has a typical Gen Dimplex product design.

The indoor and outdoor units have been designed to save a lot of space and to be compact. The indoor unit takes up no more space than a typical washing machine.

The perfect temperature. At the right time.

A heat pump with inverter works less during low heat consumption and more during high heat consumption.

Because it can adapt its power continuously, it always reaches the desired room temperature with the lowest possible energy consumption – whatever the current season and heating demands.

This saves on energy costs in spring and autumn in particular.

Fully equipped. Saves time during installation.

All key components are pre-installed in the indoor unit. This saves valuable time during installation.

Flexible combinations. With domestic hot water and ventilation.

A compatible domestic hot water cylinder can be planned and ordered independently of the M Flex heat pump. Individually tailored to specific customer requirements.

Our recommendation: The central domestic ventilation unit M Flex Air with heat recovery for new-build detached houses, terraced houses and spacious flats with up to 250 m² of living space.

+ Ready for use heat pump hydraulics with refrigeration
circuit and hydraulic unit for excellent reliability and
minimum space requirement. 
+ Modern intuitive operation using 4.3 inch colour touch
+ M Flex 9-16 kW achieves the highest efficiency class
A+++ in a low temperature application. 
+ Indoor and outdoor unit are connected by refrigeration
pipes up to 10 m long. No timeconsuming and expensive
core drilling necessary.













+ 50 l buffer tank with dual differential pressureless manifold.
+ 3-way diverter valve (heating/domestic hot water).
+ Pipe heater max. 6 kW to support heating operation and for hot water reheating.
+ Separate pumps for generator and consumer circuit.
+ Expansion vessel 24 l. + Safety valve.
+ Dirt trap, flow and pressure sensors

Dimplex M Flex integrated components

Dimplex M Flex hot water cylinderWhile better thermal insulation is continuously reducing heat consumption in buildings, the requirements for convenient domestic hot water are increasing.
A compatible domestic hot water cylinder can be planned and ordered independently of the M Flex heat pump. Individually tailored to specific customer requirements.
+ WWSP 335
Nominal capacity: 300 l
Effective capacity: 277 l
+ WWSP 442
Nominal capacity: 400 l
Effective capacity: 352 l
+ WWSP 556
Nominal capacity: 500 l
Effective capacity: 433 l



Dimplex M Flex compact outdoor unit+ Speed-regulated owl wing fan (extremely quiet
+ Controlled condensate drain with energy efficient
pan heating for reliable operation in cold
climatic regions.
+ Invisible refrigerant pipe connection possible.
+ Evaporator.
+ Expansion valve.

Dimplex M Flex wall console


The entire system is intuitively controlled via a clear 4.3-inch color touch display.
The controller intelligently integrated into the heat pump automatically ensures efficient and comfortable operation. Thanks to the intuitively designed user interface, all settings can be easily made on site. With the NWPM Touch network card, the System M Flex Cooling can be connected to any router via a LAN cable and controlled via a smart device.

Dimplex M Flex intelligent control

Dimplex M Flex parameters