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Dimplex Free-standing convector 2000W, with fan and thermostat

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Freestanding convector DX 522T

Heat, quickly and effectively: This is what convector heaters from the Dimplex range ensure. The technology behind convector heaters is very simple - cold air flows up through a kind of shaft, where it is warmed up by the heating element, and is then blown out again, of course warm. Sounds simple, and yet Dimplex's electric heaters are equipped with all sorts of technological refinements that make heating - whether full or additional - particularly comfortable. Overheating protection and the frost protection function are mandatory for convectors, so that safe heat is generated in every room exactly when the residents need it.
The free-standing convectors are connected directly to the socket and can therefore be set up flexibly in different rooms to ensure comfort quickly and easily, from the guest room to the office to the workshop in the garage. The continuously variable thermostat ensures comfortable and needs-based operation. Two heating outputs can be selected using a practical rotary switch. 
Operating with green electricity is the icing on the cake for any electric heater, because with 100% electricity from renewable energy sources, heating does not cause any CO2 emissions - unique in the heating industry.

DX522T details:


  • Stepless mechanical thermostat with two heating levels (1200 W / 2000 W)
  • Anti-tip protection
  • Overheating protection
  • Operation indicator light
  • Heating power via rotary switch ON/OFF 
  • Indicator light for heating operation
  • Connection cable 1.5 m with plug
  • Easy cleaning
  • Stepless thermostat with two heating levels, quick heating function with fan

This product is only suitable for well-insulated rooms or occasional use.

Performance: 2000 W
Degree of protection: IP20
Length: 58.5 cm
Height: 44.3 cm
Depth: 23.3 cm
Weight: 4.3 kg
Color: White