Dimplex workshop fan heater Rugged

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Rugged workshop fan heater

For the hobby room and for on the go: The particularly robust Rugged is just right wherever things get a little rougher.

  • Particularly stable, robust housing and front grille made of steel
  • With electromechanical room temperature control
  • Very powerful

Anyone who has a hobby room or even a workshop where things get a little turbulent or dusty knows: a special fan heater is needed here. One that creates heat quickly but can withstand a lot, because this is where work is going on! The Rugged from ewt is such a fan heater.


The yellow-black, robust housing with steel front grille exudes a workshop feeling and shows at first glance that the device can be used anywhere where chips literally fall. But the powerful fan is also ideal for when you're on the move, for example in a holiday home that doesn't have a heater. With the practical carrying handles, which remain cold and therefore touchable even at full heating output, the fan is very mobile and can be set up almost anywhere (assuming there is electricity, of course). The powerful heating levels of up to 3000 W promise quick and even heat, and the icing on the cake with the Rugged is the cold air setting: When it gets a little warmer, just switch it on and enjoy the cooling! 

  • Mobile and easy to carry thanks to cold handles
  • Particularly robust housing with steel front grille
  • Powerful up to 3000 W
  • 2 heating levels and cold air level
  • quick and even heating

This product is only suitable for well-insulated rooms or for occasional use.

Performance: 1500 / 3000 W
Color: Yellow - black
Width: 24.6 cm
Height: 24.8 cm
Depth: 16.2 cm