Dimplex has been driving innovation for over 40 years. As a leading international manufacturer of efficient and comfortable solutions for heat, hot water and ventilation, Dimplex is the perfect partner at your side. 
Dimplex offers sustainable and innovative solutions for electric heating, heat pumps, domestic hot water and ventilation, providing comprehensive climate control solutions for the electrically powered home of the future. The focus is not on new products, but above all on intelligent system solutions. They offer everything that is needed to feel good these days. 
Durable products and reliable service are their commitments. 

Dimplex is a brand of the internationally operating Glen Dimplex Group with its headquarters in Ireland.

Glen Dimplex Group works across an international footprint in heating and ventilation, flame, precision cooling and consumer appliances. Our portfolio of products and solutions span the living and working environment, all created with a simple and shared mindset of empowering daily life.



ewt – electric heating and cooling with comfort

Style your climate. ewt makes it possible.
ewt is your trend brand when it comes to electric heating and cooling. Decades of experience combined with innovative designs make your house your home with a guaranteed feel-good factor. Whenever, wherever. 

ewt is a traditional brand Made in Germany - founded in Nuremberg in 1965, we have always been a pioneer in the field of electric heating and cooling. Innovation and design are at the forefront of product development in our company, so that in our portfolio you will find heating and cooling devices that are state-of-the-art and enhance your home not only tangibly but also visibly.

ewt is part of the Glen Dimplex Group, one of the world's leading companies in the field of heating and cooling technology. Thanks to the synergies with the parent company, we can react quickly to market trends and implement new technologies. Every year we bring new products onto the market that, on the one hand, inspire with innovation and design, but on the other hand are quite affordable in many areas - cost-conscious production processes and comprehensive quality management make this possible. So make yourself comfortable in your home. With ewt.


Nobo is an international market leader in electrical heating and heating control solutions. With millions of panel heaters sold over several decades, Nobo’s extensive experience in manufacturing and developing cutting edge heating products is proven around the globe. Nobo products are developed for the demanding Nordic climate and of course first class user experience.

The Nobo Concept is a collection of heating products and heating control technology that will save power and make your day easier and more comfortable. With the unique Nobo Hub control of your entire electrical heating system is at your fingertips with the user friendly Nobo Energy Control app.


Why Nobo

NOBO commenced making panel heaters in 1949 and is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of panel heaters. Norwegian-made electric panel heaters and intelligent energy control systems are focused on smart design and innovation, offering the best in heater components, production, design and technology. Its technology platform sets the standard for electrical heating, with innovative timer controls, temperature sliders and pre-set timings all helping to reduce electricity bills. It’s no wonder Nobo is the manufacturer of choice for state-of-the-art electric heating control.

Norvegian Design

Along the shores of the Trondheim fjord and in the valley of Stjør, you will find the City of Stjørdal (dal = valley). It is in Stjørdal that both the design and manufacturing of Nobo heaters takes place, leveraging from past manufacturing traditions since the original factory's opening in 1918. Even though our manufacturing has moved into Europe, we still employ the same simple Norwegian and Nobo philosophy of utilizing quality heater components sourced from local environments are key components, contributing to the superior quality and unmatched product lifetimes.

Quality and Timeless design with safety in mind

Nobo are comitted to maintaining the highest quality by offering you the best product coupled with Scandinavian designs and technology.

Scandinavians are passionate about design and so are our designers. Design is a key element which brings innovation and product design into every Nobo heater. The customer’s perception is an important criteria, the heaters need to look appealing and be of good design and quality. Nobo heaters are designed to be easy and safe for everyone to use. Its design philosophy is simple and honest where form, function and content coexist to tell a common story.