Nobo is one of the largest companies in Europe manufacturing electric heating devices. Among the products of the factory you can find the successful and wide offer of heating panels but also room thermostats and other accessories. A special product by Nobo brand is the Clip on Glass, a decorative front plate which is the exquisite example of the innovation abilities of the Nobo the factory.

There is a special ceramic heating pad inside the panel that does not glow therefore its life span is close to infinite. Its surface is enlarged by aluminum ribs resulting in more efficient heat transfer. Also the heating pad is placed on sliders absorbing thermal expansion effect, so the operation is without noise, no clicking or cracling sound is made.There is no moving mechanic part in the panel heater that could make sound or could potentially fail. So the panels work reliably and silently.

The heating mechaism is based on convection: thecold air enters the panel at the bottom, the heating pad warms it up so based on physics the lighter warm air will flow upwards through the front or top outlet grids. There is no blowing effect as no ventilator is in the panels, only natural flow of air results. Therefore the panels should be placed relatively low in the room, cca. 10 cm from the ground.

Nobø panel heaters has the most accurate thermostat on the market. This means they are able to maintain the set indoor temperature even with sudden changes in outdoor temperatures. Lower quality panel heaters will not be able to pick up on this change of temperature properly, while Nobø panel heaters ensures you remain warm and cozy.

Based on Norvegian recommendations and our experience in Hungary the recommended sizing is: 75 W/m2 (for normal room height, ~2,8 m) or 25 W/m3 (in case of proper insulation).

For lightweight structures or excellently insulated buildings the sizing recommendation may be even less, we can provide the recommendation based on the exact plans.

In case of poor insulation, supplementary heating needs or special sized rooms we give unique recommendations.

The output of the heating panels vary between 250-2000 W based on which various sizes are available. Their space need is favourable, depth when already mounted on the wall is 9 cm.  Height is 20 cm or 40 cm, their length varies based on the output.

méretezés sizing

With its favourable price and economical operation the heating panels provide a reasonable investment for a single room as well as a multiple flat condo. With this energy saving operation NOBO systems are ahead of the competition not only in the electric heaters market but even means a competitive solution against other energy sources - apart from the wood burning heating.

Iside the panel heaters there is no medium (oil, water etc.) or an unnecessary motoric ventilator that would decrease its efficiency or mean extra energy consumption. So it directly heats up the air which then starts to flow upwards naturally - thus heating the whole room equally and quickly with this circulation. Therefore we can conclude that this results in maximum efficiency.
The highest output of the panels is 2000 W and even the 75 W/m2 recommended level shows the excellent efficiency and ecomomies.

The core of the system are the electronic control units. Every panel has a thermostat that enables precise temperature setting compared to other systems. (maximum 0,5°C difference within a whole room's airspace). Another pro for the separate thermostats that the preferred temperature can be set in every room separately.

All of these features complement each other and make the Nobo system complete. Please read further information under the various programmable control units.

The Nobo system is easily adjustable and programmable, therefore energy saving too.

When programming you can set two temperature levels for your room: eco and comfort level for each panel. When you don't use a room you can set a lower eco temperature whereas for other rooms in use you can set a higher comfort temperature.

These two levels can be individually set for every day and every hour of the week based on your needs. From then on the system works automatically resulting in more comfort and energy saving.

The control units can be modularly exchanged so you can upgrade your panels any time.